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Wow Gold: Dragonflight Preview: A Closer Look at the Dracthyr

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The new Dracthyr race provides a variety of features to customize your character including bold horn options, a diverse palette of colors to choose from, and more. In this preview, we show off more of the choices available for you to fully express your Dracthyr form.

Choose from a variety of options for your Dracthyr including horns, scales, snouts, eyes, and more.

Embrace your individuality with a range of expressive colors.

Wear your armor with pride.

Several body options will be available for you to choose from during creation.

This is just a sampling of the variety of options that players will have at their fingertips to create their Dracthyr Evoker to carry them into new adventures in the Dragon Isles. Who will you become?

Jul 11 2022

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