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Wow Gold: Arena World Championship Dragonflight Season 2 is here!

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Beginning June 16, the gates will open to the 2023 Dragonflight Season 2 Arena World Championship (AWC)! Tune in to all four Cups on and to see which teams will qualify to continue in the tournament.

AWC Season 2 promises to be a spectacular display of skill, teamwork, and strategy as the finest PvP players enter the arena. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey filled with intense battles, jaw-dropping plays, and nail-biting moments to keep you on the edge of your seat.



​Online: and


Gladiators can stream their own perspectives. Check with your favorite competitor to see if they will stream their POV during the tournament! To sign up for co-streaming or an AWC Watch Party, use the .


​Cup 1: June 16-18

Cup 2: June 23-25

Cup 3: June 30-July 2

Cup 4: July 7-9

Broadcast Start Time: 10:00 am (PT) / 7:00 pm (CET)

Prize Pool: $400,000 (USD) across the entire season, $10,000 (USD) per Cup

Format: Double elimination, Best of 5


Sign-up today!

Registration is still open for AWC Cups 2-4; with them, your chance to earn the new Smoldering Banner of the Aspects. This in-game toy will be rewarded to any AWC team that competes in a full AWC Cup. Sign up on for the next tournament!

Stay Connected!

Be sure to subscribe to the Warcraft and channels to check out the carnage within the arena beginning the weekend of June 16-18. Don't forget to follow us on to keep up with the latest from WoW Esports!

Jun 12 2023

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