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Xaryu Reacts World of Warcrafts Most Famous u0026 Infamous Players Part 5

Epicdps: Rip Reckful
eXvlslon: Reckful - brief summary of his greatness

3rd Place MLG Dallas 2009
2nd Place MLG Orlando 2009
2nd Place MLG Columbus 2010
1st Place MLG Washington DC 2010

3rd-4th Place 2013 Innkeeper’s Invitational
2nd Place Invitational Blizzcon 2013"
Online achievements

World of Warcraft
World First 3000 Rating
Winner of Worldwide WarcraftMovies Top Skilled 2011 Contest
Rank 1 3v3 Ladder [The Burning Crusade] Season 4
Rank 1 3v3 Ladder [Wrath of the Lich King] Season 5
Rank 1 3v3 Ladder [Wrath of the Lich King] Season 6
Rank 1 3v3 Ladder [Wrath of the Lich King] Season 7
Rank 1 3v3 Ladder [Wrath of the Lich King] Season 8
Rank 1 3v3 Ladder [World of Warcraft: Cataclysm] Season 9
s1xto: Reckful's part teared me up, i just had to visit his NPC and kneel before him yet again...he remains one of the biggest and most important players that ever graced the fields of Azeroth, may you rest in peace Byron!
terrypanama8004: Reckful deserves his own video. He is wow. He is twitch. He pioneered what all streamers are today.
Dominickj821: The reckful part make me cry rip legend
nilsmcmountain2377: Teeny is a legit sociopath.
robf.6273: RIP Reckful
xdecisionnx: RIp Reckful
tiltnmafks: joanna
user-dc9yi9lk2s: Reckful we salute u sir to this day the myth the legend
keyzz3253: Been waiting to see reckful

May 17 2024

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