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WoW Takes A Risky New Direction Asmongold Reacts

oliround: Calling Blizzard a great game company at this point is like calling Lizzo healthy
folonrng: i can never forget the fact that after saving azeroth from some big bad exchangable guy i forgot about in dragonflight YOU have to serve other people at a celebratory banquet instead of being served. the best part is, most of the people you serve as the hero of the story are the ones swooping in last minute for the kill after you and your homies did 99% of the work. who comes up with this stuff??
raharu000: Christy Golden wrote the worst ending I've ever read.
Rise of the Horde.
Kil'jaeden was chasing Velen for 10,000 years. He finally finds him and traps him in a temple on Draenor. Do they have an epic showdown? Nope. Kil'jaeden says, "my master needs me elsewhere, I must go." He leaves and has his goons kill Velen. So, of course the goons fail and Velen escapes. 10,000 years chasing this guy only to say, "I have to go, you kill him." I threw that book across the room. Lazy writing.
domehammer: Primal Incarnates were such a non-threat they had to bench Malfurion to not solo them.
hackintosh3899: Is Ion Hazzikostas the lead? Then I don't care. This isn't the 2nd or even 3rd chance. The expansions that are his top to bottom are awful. He's like Kathleen Kennedy at this point and I don't trust him or expect him to do anything but make games for his mythic raiding echochamber. He's completely out of touch with 99 percent of the playerbase. The dungeons will be designed around an esport that failed a decade ago. The PvP will be designed around an esport that failed a decade ago with classes that all play the same. Let me know when they get a new lead, clear out Ion's yes men, stop catering to failed esport organizations who viewbot and reboot the game.
victoryakujisawa5528: "struggling would mean they are alive" that hurt
KasaCheem: cheers to early clickers
mangixbrew1: While playing MoP Remix I did the entire campaign and bro, I was sad when I finished it. Like, playing DF campaign it took 1 or 2 chapters and I was full of that shit.
For real, MoP put you on thoughtful scenarios, make you think about the impacts of war on the daily life of normal families. The pandarens are pure stoicism, they have nothing to do with war, but it came to their land and brought hate and blood but they are there doing their best to solve it, respecting their traditions and beliefs and trying to educate the outsiders about it. It’s such a great story. There is a sidequest of a female pandaren who losts her husband and goes into depression and end up getting killed by Sha, because he used her sadness to posses her mind, like, a fucking side quest made me stop in front of my monitor and think for about 10 min. Entire dragonflight campaign didn’t got my attention for a second.
Mogget01: When I heard that Sylvanas turned evil, I lost any want to return to the game, because the whole point of Sylvanas was that she exists because she could overcome corruption by sheer force of will. It’s like someone at Blizzard saw a character that looked evil and said: gosh why isn’t this character a villain?!
OneMeanArtist: So many ppl have the memory of a goldfish. WoW went woke and it tanked. The end.
guyinapandasuit2691: Sucks to admit but we're in a time where major developers are businesses only. Not developers doing something they're passionate about. That stuff is relegated to indie titles.

Baldurs Gate 3 is an example of what COULD happen if passionate developers are given AAA budgets. But they're all just chasing the live service high. It's heartbreaking. Support indie devs
lightsfury9096: "the story can't get more cringe"
Blizzard - "watch this
SinCityVillain: We need MORE diversity..MORE inclusion...MORE equity..MORE bowls of fruit and all will be well.
BLVCKSCORP: Zack watches more of WoW content than he actually spends playing it
Lord_Bemo: Remember whenever you think WoW is going to get better just watch The lich king cenimatic and then go watch the dragon flight cenimatic
doctorcis3510: The narrative writers being company wide explains why the obsessed Starcraft II wiki editors were constantly having to hound Blizzard to get little details correct, like a story making a big deal about Nova's eye color then Blizzard constantly forgetting. It be like JK Rowling making a big deal about Harry Potter's green eyes then randomly changing them to blue.
billybob3563: Hot take but WoW has hit a point where the story no matter what is going to be crazy. You really can't go any higher than destroying the burning legion and/or the old gods (comepletly) without making things up after that. Like there's no real lore that's equal to power level compared to the burning legion and old gods (in their prime with their armies). Much like Game of Thrones without the OG writers trusting these people to create a feasible and coherent story post the exodus of the OG staff is pure cope.

Personally I think they made a huge mistake with comepletly destroying the burning legion (yes ofc sargeras is exiled). With the focus of the next 3 expansions obviously being on the old gods and their insectoid cthulu armies I suspect that wow will hit a real akward spot in terms of lore. If anything just ending WoW after that.
seankeimakiuchi8055: I can’t help but to think that Blizzard consists of a handful of famous employees and the rest are all Stanley Parable.
jonathanarneson6740: last time I was this early to an Asmongold Video, I still had hair on the back of my head.
motox20: This is the guy that said "No one wants to play a game made by a team of all white people". He supported all the ideas/initiatives that have led to the current situation in gaming, DEI/ESG.

I mean Accolon not Asmon just incase anyone is confused.
Direwolf216: Be warned.
Just because it's different doesn't make it better...
ZerFayt: "Story cannot get worse"- Asmon.

I hope someone clipped that
Anpeo: I remember reading War Crimes right before WoD launch, which was a wonderful book about Garosh's trial in Pandaria. Suspenseful, insightful and a real page turner. I was surprised to see that books based on game's lore can actually work in ways that were unprecedented - like for example you can actually log in to wow and go to the place where a particular chapter takes place and look around, see what characters in the book were seeing, it was really something else. Now, I know that wow has many problems in terms of its narration, let's hope they will turn things around in War Within, but I for one will miss Christie Golden books.
draskang: story "connecting" isn't the issue. it's writing done for a "Modern Audience" that is the problem.
PeloPorto: They'll probably make it even worse and hire a DEI team.
smallpox6738: 1000 monkeys with typewriters....
SurrealFeelz: Make every character trans or gay, then I'll consider coming back. This game is in desperate need of diversity. Maybe Sweet Baby Inc can turn things around /s
whocares5773: Replacing woke writers with woke writers......... that'll solve the narrative problems.
yukiokouri9960: Just want to point out this man is a warhammer 40k fan, you cant hide those Horus heresy books on the shelf.
Kurze0: I havent read her books, but as far as I know they've always been hated and make narrative choices (which blizz have confirmed the novel writers have mostly freedom with) that fuck over a lot of beloved characters. The big one being the whole trial of Garrosh.
yunggolem4687: Blizzard in its heyday was 95% men. Now I'd be surprised if it's even 50%. That's the reason everything is low T, because the company is itself low T.
kingghidorah6200: Blizzard killing HOTS was the straw for me.
ziudra91: What happened to the story is blizzard hiring a bunch of women from silicon valley in the name of inclusivity and quota and this is what you get.
SikkScopezzx: Not sure what the guy in the video was talking about. Goldens writing was always dog shit.
Amplifymagic: Bring back masculinity
PrybarCommando: All WoW npcs need to identify as trans or I’m leaving a bad review. And they need to start all dialogue streams by explaining their trans journey
FellishBeast: Christie Golden didn’t write for WoW until recently. She was an author of Warcraft books for a long time before getting hired by Blizzard.
pRaX85815: Warcraft 1-3 (and Vanilla) lore ingame and in the manuals > all the books.
user-ke4qe3rf4r: A new direction? Buy 2 mounts get 1?

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