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WoW Remix Players Are ANGRY Frog Farm, Scaling Rewards

Wachi2000: it has always been blizzard go to strategy to let that which has no life exploit for 48h straight then punish all the other players
sheshoec: We just want the god tier feeling they offered us and all is a lie. The frog farmers skipped at least 2 months of consistent gameplay in a weekend and they can do the higher level of content now, they can have all the collectibles because Siege Mythic throws you 50k bronze, that's already the 1.5 million you need for all. Let us catch them in 2 or 3 weeks, give us threads like maniacs, under a certain level in the cloak and completely reduce the bronze requirements for the gear upgrades. Don't touch the collectibles, just the gear to be somehow, at some similar level than these guys that didn't exploit the game, just played it like in old Pandaria.
m_rod9562: At this point just let people transfer their characters over to retail whenever they choose to do so. Whats the point of keeping your level 70 character locked in a game mode where you will be severely outperformed by those who exploited the frog farm.
cinibas: I honestly am glad to not feel pressure to farm frogs for hours on end now. But yeah.. kinda feelsbad that some people did in hours what will take me weeks or months.
MattG5050: I was also really disappointed to create an alt and find my cloak only has a 100% XP buff after i spent all the time increasing the cloak on my main. I wanted this game mode for leveling and was under the impression my alts would get monster size bonuses
jazactane: Some of us are actually playing for fun (imagine that) and dont really give a rats about the frogs - does not really impact me. The scaling issue on the other had needs to be addressed asap
davidk5990: they have to put cloacks all on same level with 70 or pandaria is over
TheKitsuneOnihane: Don't forget the insane amount of major bugs that came with 10.2.7 that have taken weeks to patch. Guild roster, group finder, ground animations. Weeks. There's a respawn bug in an essential townlong quest that can only be solved with incredible luck or not getting a lazy liar gm that'll flag it finished. It's been a bug for years and they didn't patch it before this launch.
benwallychow: I never thought getting every reward was even meant to be possible tbh. To me it makes way more sense to get a dozen of your favorites with good effort. A large part of having that cool mount or transmog is that not everyone has it, so if everyone got every panda reward, they all drastically lose value. As far as the frog thing, its totally annoying. I feel as though they need to take away that power, or drop all cloaks above xxxx statsto a certain point, or just let people frog it up.
sp00g37: I felt like we got lied to with the cloak. they definitely worded everything like all of your stats carry over. its a leveling event that they turned into find your main again and just do constant grinding
Mars-et8vc: Blizz should just take the L and reset the whole event.
Hunter77567: Ban those who did exploits for long amounts of time. We cant even get in any heroic or mythic raids if we didnt farm frogs. Which has now excuded most of the people playing the event.

The bronze is low when i think about wanting all mounts, toys and cosmetics. Not saying it should be easy. But their is pressure to obtain the items that will disappear when this event ends.

May 23 2024

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