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WoW REMIX Pandaria ULTIMATE Guide How to Get Started Collect All Rewards

Kapuze916: Hey khelani its the folks
clawdroppin: This actually seems like a much more enjoyable way to level from scratch. It'd be nice if they did similar events for other expansions.
captainexistence: I'm beyond excited for this. Even though I kept my sub going, I took a bit of a break from the game during MoP and WoD so I never got to do any of the raids when they were current. As someone who raids every single week in retail, that's what I'm most excited for.
torgernoso4290: I never got to play wow as a kid in school. So I’m pretty excited to experience this expansion for the first time!
illy1985: I can't fucking wait. I've been looking for a good and enjoyable way to get back into WoW. Even better, this way I can level some Alliance allied race characters while keeping my main character in normal retail.
johnnymerchant: I like to imagine the vulpera in the thumbnail is yelling "HEY FOLKS THIS IS KELANI"
Gibs6051: this is great, can't wait. I'm glad they are shaking up retail.... YOOO!!!!! finally unlocking raidfinder as you level... hello!?!?! Thank you finally. This is exactly how they should do this. Awesome
Sonicgott: I think this is awesome, repurposing old content to be a new and exciting way to revisit what was so amazing back when it was first introduced.
Silkencira1710: I cant wait. I have a day off tomorrow and most of the weekend so I am very excited!
Serin9X: I'm never one to miss the chance to be cynical about WoW. But this event looks cool as hell and I'm weirdly interested to try it.
experience404able: The best guide .. thank you

May 18 2024

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