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WoW Classic in 2024

necrisro: There are private servers with more morals than retail wow in this regard lol
LuvTonique: >No description
No description needed, Asmon team.
zarky3798: Every single stream of Asmongold It feels like uncovering groundbreaking lore from your uncle out of nowhere
anacreon212: this is 13 minutes of watching asmon die inside.
gcelite36: This dudes voice is dripping with sarcasm
DavidBrocekArt: I find it funny that post-Vanilla Classic is basically just retail with worse graphics.
Rob-Davidson: When that guy started talking, I immediately got an urge to jump out a window.
JustinM294: A guy in my Halo Infinite ranked match yesterday was bitching about how there's nothing that you can buy in the store that affects gameplay. Those people are out there, among us, waiting to strike.
kiel71092: The energy coming from the first part is just screaming "i dont get paid enough for this"
askel6498: What a fucking joke. If you wanna have a cool WoW classic experience go to one of those private classic servers. some of them do insane stuff that's better than everything blizzard has done within the last 15 years or so.
thecringeprophet: Ey girl let me get your real id.
wobbles86: I swear this video has been posted before

May 17 2024

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