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Wow Classic Gold: What’s Playing on News and notable events in early June 2023

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Your harrowing battle against Hell’s unspeakable horrors is only just beginning. Before you continue on your demon-cleansing crusade, take a moment to rest and read up on the latest beats from all of your favorite games.

Fight for the fate of Sanctuary in Diablo IV, experience E.T.C.’s encore in Hearthstone, celebrate Pride in Overwatch 2, and more.

Every two weeks, we help you catch up on all things by highlighting new content, developer updates, and “don’t miss” occasions to help you hit important dates and maximize each in-game moment.

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Diablo IV

Welcome to Hell—Diablo IV is now live

Lilith has returned to the Mortal Realm, summoned by a dark ritual after her lengthy exile. Now, it’s time for you to don your wanderer’s mantle and traverse Sanctuary to undo the agony the Blessed Mother has exacted on the world she helped create.


Support streamers on Twitch to earn exclusive in-game loot

From now until July 2, keep your favorite Diablo IV streamers company by watching them on Twitch as they conquer Hell’s aberrations. The longer you watch, the more drops you’ll earn; plus, gifting 2 Twitch subscriptions to an eligible streamer’s channel will reward you with a trusty new steed, the Primal Instinct Mount.

Diablo Immortal

Lilith’s disciples unleash hatred in Diablo Immortal

Sanctuary’s adoration for their Blessed Mother has quickly grown in intensity. Beginning on June 8, Lilith’s favor will rain down on her children, unleashing a diabolical new event, Legendary Gem, Battle Pass, Phantom Market, and more.

The new Home Page is live!

Now, all players can get a comprehensive picture of our biggest announcements in one convenient location on the desktop app, ensuring you never miss out on a good deal or the latest updates. And, to ensure that the new Home Page doesn’t add unnecessary friction to your gaming experience, we’ve added a Last Played section next to your favorites bar, allowing you to instantly launch your most recently played games with one click. Check it out now!


The Audiopocalypse is upon us!

E.T.C. is rallying the Festival of Legends lineup to work together in new and exciting ways to defeat the Grimtotems’ deafening assault in the latest Mini-Set. Explore genre-bending sounds with new dual-class combinations, and freestyle with new Remixed cards that change each turn.

World of Warcraft

The Trading Post is all abuzz this June

Visit T&W in Stormwind or the Zen’shiri Trading Post in Orgrimmar to check out this month’s new wares and add a few perfectly pointed pieces to your collection.


Pay homage to Diablo with the Greedy Emissary Event

Strange winds blow in from another world, and sightings of odd, bag-holding creatures spot the land. From now through June 14, find and deliver a swift end to these greedy, saw-toothed thieves to receive hellish loot inspired by the world of Sanctuary.


Prime Gaming subscribers: Claim free loot now

For a limited time, Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers can pick up the head-turning Epic Purple Shirt transmog appearance. Grab yours today!

Overwatch 2

Celebrate Pride in Overwatch

Log in now to receive an extensive collection of profile cosmetics celebrating the diverse identities that comprise the tapestry of the Overwatch community. Plus, throughout the month, play on the Pride-themed Midtown map.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

The Joyous Journeys EXP buff has returned

To help you prepare for the Call of the Crusade content update, the Joyous Journeys buff is back until June 19 to increase experience gains by 50% for all players through level 80. Finish leveling a character, create a new one, or invite friends to join you in your adventures today!

Jun 07 2023

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