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Wow Classic Gold: Unite and Face the Onslaught of the Dreamsurge

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A new public event, Dreamsurges, will be available with the World of Warcraft Fury Incarnate update on September 5. The growth of a new World Tree is causing the energies of the Emerald Dream to manifest throughout the Dragon Isles. Defeat the chaos brought about by the Druids of the Flame for rewards.

Everything Starts with a Dream

Each week one of the four original zones in the Dragon Isles—The Waking Shores, Ohn’ahran Plains, Thaldraszus, and The Azure Span—will be affected by a Dreamsurge. Every 30 minutes, a major Waking Dream portal will open in the affected zone as a group event. While active, that zone will be granted —a 25% increase to experience for players leveling in that area.

Off to Dream Land

To help put you on the right path, seek out Hamuul Runetotem in Valdrakken for the “Surging Dreams” quest. Players can also go directly to the Dreamsurge icon in whichever zone is affected.

Champions must work together to defeat the onslaught by defeating the Druids of the Flame, destroying their altars, and dragonriding through their reinforcements circling above. Once complete, prepare for a fight with a Flame Lieutenant who drops once he is defeated. During a Dreamsurge, minor Waking Dream portals are also found scattered across the affected zone; these can be defeated by solo players or small groups.

Every 30 minutes while the event is active, a new buff will be selected for that region. Those participating in the event can vote to shape the incoming Dreamsurge, so players will have various useful, powerful, or chaotic buffs.

A Rewarding Dream

Brave defenders can also purchase Champion gear from Celestine of the Harvest with obtained by completing the weekly Dreamsurge quest, “Shaping the Dream,” which challenges players to collect 100 .

Dreamsurge Coalescence collected by completing activities in the zone, including World Quests, discovering hidden stashes, and uniting to kill rare elites (which also have a chance to drop upgraded gear) can also be used to purchase Veteran gear and more.

May your dreams be bigger than your fears (unless they’re trying to kill you), and we hope yours are filled with adventure, excitement, and a slew of rewards.

Aug 17 2023

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