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Wow Classic Gold: Seeds of Renewal Zone Overview: Discover Bel'ameth

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Discover Bel'ameth, the arms of the Goddess, a much-needed place for the kaldorei to seek much-needed repose and solace. This new night elf settlement lies adjacent to the Ohn'ahran Plains in the Dragon Isles. It rests beneath the new World Tree, Amirdrassil's boughs, and can be explored in the next Dragonflight update, Seeds of Renewal.

Points of Interest

Traverse through a vibrant wilderness teeming with flora and fauna as you explore several points of interest.

Arlithrien Lodge

Arlithrien Lodge can be found in the northwest, the home of Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope raid—its name pays homage to Teldrassil's Pools of Arlithrien.

Bel'ameth Harbor and Evenfall Watchtower

To the northeast of Bel'ameth lies its harbor connected to Evenfall Watchtower, with a portal connection that can ferry players to the Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas.

Twilight Watchtower

A sanctuary that sits in the northern part of Amirdrassil for the darker members of kaldorei society. Here, dark rangers, death knights, demon hunters, and Shen'dralar mages can be seen training and socializing.

Denizens and Wildlife

Bel'ameth is home to a wide variety of creatures, from notable kaldorei to owls and hippogryphs.

Jarod Shadowsong

Mordent Evenshade

Prepare to journey to Bel'ameth when Seeds of Renewal arrives on January 16. Watch the official  for more to come as we draw closer to the next update for Dragonflight.

Jan 02 2024

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