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Wow Classic Gold: Save up to 65% on Draconic Pets and Mounts with the Dragon Pack!

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Scale up with a fangtastic motley crew of Azeroth’s most fearsome, majestic, and adorable dragons during our sale.

This time-limited* Dragon Pack bundle contains some Azeroth’s most clever and enchanting companions—five fabulous mounts and two precocious pets—at a discount worth soaring over! If you already own one or more items from the Dragon Pack, its price will automatically adjust.


Two Faithful Companions

Blinky: This cheerful companion with a playful demeanor will not only faithfully flutter by your side but will also add a bit of magic to your days with its chromatic hue-shifting powers. Although Blinky’s colors might frequently change, his loyal friendship will be yours forever.

Soul of the Aspects: As your faithful companion pet, the Soul of the Aspects flies by your side through the skies of Azeroth, celebrating your adventures together with aerial somersaults and twisting corkscrews.

Five Sky-Scaling Mounts

Enchanted Fey Dragon: Entrusted with protecting the Emerald Dream, the Enchanted Fey Dragon absorbs magic and exudes style—with a chroma-shifting twist. Saddle up on one of these iridescent sprites and enjoy the instant street (and sky) cred that comes with being one of the last bastions of cool.

Heart of the Aspects: When attacking from the air, it’s best to advance from the angle of the sun so as to blind your foes. Or, just ride a luminous dragon that glows like a thousand suns. Either way, you’re good.

Iron Skyreaver: Bred for war by brutal Iron Horde beastmasters and girded for battle in black steel and smoldering flame, the monstrous Iron Skyreaver suffers only the most fearsome of masters to ride it. Like a blazing comet foretelling doom and fiery destruction, hurtle down from the heavens upon this epic mount to herald your own campaign of conquest!

Steamscale Incinerator: The fearsome Steamscale Incinerator is a spark-breathing robo-terror that rules the skies wherever it flies. Legends say a mad gnomish inventor had a deranged dream to ride a dragon, so he built this metal monstrosity powered with a trapped demon in order to create "an authentic dragon soul."

Sylverian Dreamer: An artist in the magical city of Dalaran fell asleep on her brush and dreamed of painting a beautiful, feathered dragon. Her artwork leapt from the page, and when she awoke, she found the Sylverian Dreamer sleeping gently beside her.

You’ll travel in true style anywhere you go in Azeroth. Adopt or gift these pets and mounts** from the in-game shop or the today!

*Offer valid through October 31, 2022.
**Pets and mounts not available in World of Warcraft Classic Titles.

Oct 18 2022

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