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Wow Classic Gold: MDI’s Global Finals Champion Team is Crowned!

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In what proved to be a scary-good Global Finals, Echo prevailed as the champion with $150,000 (USD) prizing and the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) gold medals!

The most winning team in MDI history, and now four-time champions, Echo has continued their incredible run after defeating Aster.Y 3-1 in the MDI Global Finals. Aster.Y, the first team out of China to make a top 2 in MDI history, will receive the silver medals while Ambition, winners of the Season 2 Last Stand Tournament to qualify for the Global Finals, will take home bronze. Heading into the Lower Finals when Aster.Y faced off Ambition to advance to the Grand Finals, AutomaticJak wasn’t mincing his words as he declared this to be “the most competitive Global Finals that we’ve ever had. The best teams that we’ve ever had, across the board.”

Echo entered the weekend in fifth seed, quickly defeating both Complexity and then Ambition to advance to the Semi-finals. Here they squared off against Aster.Y in their first meetup of the tournament, ultimately pulling off 2-1 victory to secure a spot in the Grand Finals. Facing off once more, Aster.Y took initial victory in the Halls of Atonement, but Echo quickly rallied to claim the next three wins in Theater of Pain, The Necrotic Wake, and finally Spires of Ascension

“Four times MDI champion, I cannot even believe it,” said Echo player “” during a post-match interview. “The tournament this season, I think the competition level has never been higher. I am super proud of my team, they just played out of their minds. I’m a very emotional player, in order to be good at anything if you don’t have emotion or don’t care about then you most likely won’t become good at it. I take loss very badly, but that gives me that drive and urge to win that much more.”

While the Global Finals may have ended, competitive dungeon-running will return December 10-12 for ! Teams can register on now to compete in the initial Proving Grounds and to try to earn the exclusive Tormented Banner of the Opportune and a shot to advance to the top six teams. Follow WoW Esports on  and subscribe to Warcraft on  and  to not miss a single moment when WOW Esports concludes another incredible year!


Oct 31 2021

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