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Wow Classic Gold: Help Wanted: Inquire at the Whelp Daycare

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The Ruby Lifeshrine has more eggs than it can manage and needs a little help hatching and teaching five of their dragon whelps, so they’ve called in the crew at the Little Scales Daycare to assist. The crew has become overwhelmed and needs you to help wrangle some whelps.

Scaling Up

Once you arrive in the Dragon Isles, Herald Flaps will deliver a note to you. Accept the “Eggs in Abundance” quest that leads you to Amella at the Ruby Lifeshrine, where you’ll learn about what a  Whelptender does. You’ll then be on your way to the Little Scales Daycare in Valdrakken to prepare for the first whelp.

Completing the daily quests at the daycare earns Flightstones, gold, and more. Finishing the non-daily quest lines for each whelp awards two pets (one Battle Pet and one Non-Battle Companion Pet).

Dragon Whelp Battle Pet  Non-Combat Battle Pet 
Rusziona (Black Whelp) Iggy: Primal Earth Elemental Rusziona
Belastrasza (Red Whelp)  Princess Vorquistrasza: Baby Vorquin  Belastrasza
 Zhusadormu (Bronze Whelp)  Annuna: Baby Hornswog Zhusadormu
Zalethgos (Blue Whelp) Pallibrius: Magic Book Zalethgos
Posidriss (Green Whelp) Somnius: Bear Cub Posidriss

Earning Your Wings

For completing all five whelps’ graduation quests, players will be awarded the “Hey Nanny Nanny” achievement and the title “Whelptender.” Finishing every daily quest once (16 in total) rewards the achievement “Whelp, There It Is” and the cute battle pet Axel.

Take To the Skies

After completing the whelps’ quests, it’s off to the races with your tiny-winged charges. Complete all the races to earn the “Daycare Derby” achievement and a toy that lets you get carried around by your new whelp friends for a little bit (slow fall included).

We look forward to seeing your softer side as you tend to the needs of dragonkind’s most precious new denizens on your trek across the Dragon Isles.

Jun 28 2023

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