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Wow Classic Gold: From the Vault: The Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Collection - now live on the Blizzard Gear Store!

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As Blizzard celebrates an epic 30 years, we will be releasing limited-series goodies each remaining month of 2021. In May, we are celebrating . Check the  every second Thursday of the month—you never know who (or what) we will be celebrating next!

Release 2 of 8 –

Overwatch Original Sketch Concept Art Print 8" x 10" - Limited Release
D.Va 18" IncrediBuilds Colllectible Wood Model

and more!

Head to the  to check out the rest of the Overwatch 2021 Anniversary Collection, and we’ll see you next month when we will reveal what we’re pulling from the vault next. 

May 13 2021

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