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World of WarCraft Retail GUIDED Adventure Stranglethorn Vale

McLolzable: My man went into a war zone without even knowing it.
krogan3760: honestly a mod that helps you level doing the most fun quests instead of these anti fun questing mods is a sick concept
SoakingTheDog: holy hell it's the guy from Twitch.
TheRassad: I was twitchchat. I wish I could have given him a better fight, and pop some pally abilities, but My body caved unexpectedly fast both rounds
icecream-soup: Sean playing Old School Runescape just feels right. Looking forward to it.
youdyed: "Frostbolt kinda sucks, man". Proceeds to Cone of Cold a single panther.
Look I love Sean but he's not all in there.
Spinefistful: big for exposing the "gaming" chairs :)
GoredonFreeman: Holy hell its the guy from twitch
Njubish: Eve Valkyrie on the 2015 PC Gaming Show. It wasn't that bad bro
schultzy450: I played WoW for 2 weeks once and saw my account was banned 2 years later, I assume I got hacked or something. the account has been banned for like 12 years now and is just enough of a pain point to keep me from ever trying to get back in.

Jun 02 2024

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