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World Of Warcraft offered me a sponsorship

anneshen2585: Visa is it possible to lower the line of subtitle text slightly below Josh's chin? That way it's still easy to read but we can still admire his facial hair :D thanks for all the awesome work you do
Garthanax: That’s what I love to see, not sacrificing your integrity and values for money
geofff.3343: The thirst-bots comments actually fit for once.
__________8997: Taking a principled stance when able to definitely be worthwhile. The issue that Josh acknowledges is that needing more money out of necessity undermines that, and while you may become a hypocrite, I think the ideal is still worthwhile to pursue.
hudsonx7484: At the end of the road, integrity is what we are. Respect.
Messametti: More like your audience dont need it, WoW the most boring and bland AAA MMORPG on the market. This game was streamlined to death. There is nothing left what makes it interesting.
catladydimitrescu: I truly cannot express how lovely and rare this position is. Love this stance, love this channel. Thank you Josh!
prosamis: With enough 0s, a conflict of values is inevitable. Money isn't just money, it's the capability to realize something including an alternate value

At what point does the opportunity cost become high enough that you're giving up on a value eitherway?

Simplest example is valuing a charity for a cause. If blizzard hypothetically give you a million and you refuse, you're valuing this integrity of that value over the tens of thousands you can help

It's a strange dilemma
SuperDragonYoshi1989: Thats why im a Josh Patreon
grahamunsworth1195: Respect
teh1archon: You're the man!

Jun 07 2024

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