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Why Does Everything Glow in Retail WoW?

TW-fs3fj: To be fair, classic will give you a quesy where you have you talk to Blendar the recluse and you're basically going "where the heck is this guy?" For 2 hours until you accidentally find him. But by then the quest is gray
Jchmcom: Remember the days of Ventrilo and Thottbot?
Hvemlol: Game really went from an MMORPG to an MMO on rails. There are no roleplaying aspects left, since the path is laid out in front of you with glowing arrows and you're punished by not following that path.
NickR0: Such an old and tired complaint. The “paragraphs of text” in Classic only ever contained one or two sentences of valuable information. Quests in WoW have always been incredibly simple: go to X, kill Y. Expansions since Classic just made it so you can skip the one or two sentences and get straight to the point, the thing we care about, which is playing the game. Funnily enough, the single most popular addon in Classic WoW is “Questie,” which turns the questing process into that of modern WoW, eliminating the need to read quest text at all. You can whine that people don’t want to read paragraphs every time they’re asked to kill 10 boars, something they’ll do hundreds of times between lvl 1 and max, but those paragraphs are still there for you to read if you love them so much, and they’re not hidden behind menus. Every time you accept a quest the first thing that happens is the quest text appears and you click “accept.” Paragraph Andies get the option to read their precious text every single time they right click a dude. The rest of us have shit to do.
androkguz: I don't blame blizzard here. I blame the players.
I blame them because they all downloaded all those horrible addons that put you on rails and optimized the roleplaying out of the game.
And then they made you feel like crap for not running 20 of them. Blegh.
Blizzard just decided "ok, if this is what you want, I'll do them myself"
WMDistraction: Retail WoW took all the QoL mods and just put them in the game by default. I remember discovering them and thinking the game was WAY more playable cuz I didn’t have to constantly read and reread nonsense to figure out what I was doing with my 20 chicken heads or whoever tf Bolvar the Chameleon was and where he went
Fuegomexicano: I started playing wow at 12 I went from RuneScape (osrs now lol) to WoW. I made an undead mage and had the time of my life questing and leveling solo. I died ALOT but I also learned how to survive as a frost mage. Questing though, maaaan it was work lol. No addons or help. Okay yeah I did look online for some quests but for the most part it took a lot of time to get stuff done but it was fucking amazing. Retail is much faster and I guess you could say easier. But I love retail as well.
HaploidCell: This is one of those Classic love/hate things.
Nowadays, everything is a Ubisoft game. Accept the quest and you'll have a marker on the map, a marker on the compass, and a floating marker in your HUD, maybe the path is even marked out.
Back then you opened the map and started reading the names of places. But with fog of war, you might not have that particular name unlocked.
what I loved was world chat going "hey, were is razorback point at?" because of this, and people actually helping each other.
What I hated about it was when people would not help, but ridicule you for not already knowing that stuff.
The advent of widgets and little helper programms and tie-in databases for this stuff was literally a game-changer.
lewis4369: This is amusing cos all Classic players download Questie anyway
andrewbaier9952: Elder of Scrolls Morrowind is the worst game I've played with quest tab and quest progression

Great game. This is my only complaint about thw game
CrashKaiju: Meanwhile at FFXIV...

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