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What Do New Players Think of WoW? MadSeasonShow Reacts

J1mmy: so excited that you watched it! can’t wait to hear your thoughts
user-ux3jp9oo7r: 1.5 hour madseason video... today is a good day
joefekete4384: You know ... At first, i looked at your thumbnail and was like, "oh, there madseason goes like all other creatirs. Selling himself out to do react videos", and i didnt even give it a chance.

But after watching it just a few minutes, i was like, "oh.... This isent a react vudeo. This is a MADSEASON react video!"

In other words, i like what youre doing here. Youre giving REAL thoughts back. Youre not just talking over everything and pretending to be adding to it. Youre thoughtfully pausing when a deep thought needs to be addressed and youre trully adding to it. I like this. I should never have doubted you.
ericl1555: My wife played wow for the first time in 2019 classic. She was up at 7am one time walking around stormwind just to listen to the music lmao.
OaksieDoaksie: Glad to see you're still uploading. I haven't touched this in over half a decade and don't even have Battlenet installed but now and again will still watch your videos. I made a lot of friends and memories playing the game but don't think I will ever be able to stomach what it has become.
Hecklemysheckel: My first dungeon experience was as so bad (compared to ff14) that I quit immediately after
kevinoneil5120: Repost; He's right about the joy of seeing your progress in real time. When my warlock received my guild's very first Azuresong, the dopamine rush lasted for the rest of the raid. A massive upgrade, looked cool af, I was the ONLY one in the guild that had it, AND I topped the damage meter for the rest of the night. If I could bottle that kind of sustained rush, I'd be a billionaire.
aries999: my favorite part about "making it easier to get into burning crusade" is that if they wanted to make it easy they would have just made it free.
throatwobblermangrove8510: The final straw for me in WoW was leaving for 6 months, being heroic raid geared several months after Dragonflight started, and when I came back, with the same expansion, but two raids later, my item level was so low compared to everything else that I felt like a brand new character. The everpresent requirement to grind more levels with each expansion already turned me off. I never understood how my god-like character with unique gear would overnight with the release of a new expansion suddenly be like a brand new adventurer, replacing epic and legendary gear for common items dropped from random creatures crawling around a new area. The constant fight for one more item level just turns the game into a job.
DiviAugusti: “I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.” Unexpected Arthur Dayne.
jamesadams814: I will always have fond memories of my time in WoW from 2004 off and on throughout the years.
Good times, but all good things come to an end.
PlSkins: Dude you're really back. Nice.
huntz3215: WoW was one of those crossroads in life, new friendships across the globe even after quitting the game 18yrs later. I weighed up subscribing to WoW or having a TV streaming package & figured interaction was better then vegetating on the couch.
throatwobblermangrove8510: Funny that you mentioned WoW's minimal computer requirements. When we started playing back in 2005, our computer was apparently so slow to download the graphics that my son couldn't take the zeppelin from Undercity to Orgrimmar because by the time the loading screen finished, the zeppelin had already started on the way back. He wound up having to get a mage portal. lol It caused us to finally upgrade our computer though, which had been fine for Diablo II (which is what we were playing when we were introduced to WoW).
Label07: In 2030 we'll have the option to play The War Within Classic...CAN'T WAIT!
jimdelsol1941: Those ads for level boosts made by blizzard disgust me so much. I have no words to describe it.

May 22 2024

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