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Vanilla WoW in 1 min

foobis9805: that is a classic, wowcrendor is the goat
Sornemus: Yeah, WowCrendor is old classics :)

I suggest to check his video that created the "gogogogo-shaman" meme. I don't remember exactly what it was, but it's one of his most popular videos.
mikeadcock1985: I remember trying to get into a raid as a fury warrior and being laughed at. They were desperate and ended up giving me a raid spot and were shocked I could pump (and constantly pull agro). Rogues and hunters absolutely hated me for stealing their gear.

It was the best of times.
Kurnhelios: Goddamn, I haven’t heard that name in years, OG crendor
Lokipower: Good ol days :)
toddsmith1969: Mage
jokyzan: decurse.
CA_Refugee: Lol

May 14 2024

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