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Turtle WoW — Classic Dungeons, Map \Encounter Update

bigphones666: Great now i can get more lost in WC
Slade93130: This, is the true classic
temetnosce2099: Continuing to put Blizzard and Classic WoW to shame.
richardshiflett5181: I like this more than SoD. Actual new canon and respects classic lore. Also, real playable Quel'dorei
TRG29338: Good stuff nerds
brandonkruse6412: Turtle WoW is a great example of what is possible when the game is developed by people with a real love for Warcraft and not just dollar signs.
Mcguinness3: Great job dev's, I'll take to my new favourite date location, the Sanctum of the Fist!~
mgrigsby74: Blizzard Execs: "Turtle Wow was able to build this in a cave... with a box of scraps!"
rodzarrr: awesome as always
Willzyoful: You cant even compare turtle to sod. The attention to detail and love in the small details...the true classic
jmcke802: Incredible. I came back to the PVE server after not enjoying SoD phase 2 and 3. This server is amazing and really feels like Classic . I had a level 42 previously and jumped right into Gilneas on my warrior and was blown away by the quality of the content. The new content is supplemental to the gaps found in normal Classic. Gilneas didn't make the other 40-50 zones obsolete, rather offered more content to play through without resorting to grinding mobs (or incursions in SoD's case). These devs understand the true spirit of Classic.
dcshoes841: Turtle just keeps bringing the heat. Truly amazing stuff.
JagEterCoola: Yeah but is there an exhaustive list of the class changes anywhere? All I see is "rogues get axes, more will be added here later"
dafttitan5103: Best Server Ever
Cosyfire: This is what true vanilla progression is like. New content, matching aesthetics. All coded on the original 1.12 code.
Anudorini-Talah: Dear Turtle WoW Team, please please please
never stop doing what you do. You do 10/10 work here with the custom Classic content. You keep the spirit 10/10 in touch with the old 2005 style!!! The clunkier gameplay compared to blizzard server, the lower pixel graphics as well as the built additions with respect to the lore. First and new imagined, all blizzlike old Warcraft days. It reminds me of Warcraft 3 custom maps i did to have fun with my friends roleplaying and so on.
Yet i feel so sad playing sod.. but my subscription went out so i will come back to Turtle WoW now. Turtle WoW is the only WoW that brought the feeling of 2005 back to me. The unknown, not knowing how many people play this game because back then, when you played wow, you felt like you play this new forbidden next gen mmorpg now and all the sudden, the servers were so full and it was a complete new world to spend time in. You created exactly that, so please continue your epic work... ufff.. thank you so much! Big respect and love from Germany! We appreciate good engineering!

May 15 2024

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