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Top 10 Rarest Titles in WoW

BasicMaffs: I have the Grand Crusader title and would have Death’s Demise but my dumbass parents turned off the internet because I had school the next day
Solstrike06: Fun fact, I did the Kanrethad questline because it was a fun challenge, but I really disliked the green fire effect so I turned it off immediately 1 second after completing the quest. Then despite being a warlock since vanilla, I switched mains in WoD so I didn't actually check if I was granted the title (it wasn't granted when you completed the quest, but rather granted to everyone eligible as soon as 6.0 came out) A few months later, I went to level my warlock and realized that I hadn't been granted it despite having completed the quest months ago.

Anyway, long story short but I had to go through 2-3 different GMs/tickets before one of them stopped saying "sorry that title is unobtainable" and actually checked my quest completion date to verified I was eligible. So now everyone's FoS says October 14, 2014 except for mine is in January :D
eetu45: I'm surprised "the chosen" title from legion didn't make this list. It required you to clear trial of valor on mythic without dying once and the title was made unobtainable after legion. I would argue this title is more rare and was harder to get than "of the black harvest" title. You needed a 20 man raid group that knew what they were doing. For the warlock title you only needed to be decent at the game, you didn't need other players.
Kragoth86: I still raise my Hand of A'Dal title, i float between that and Champion of the Naaru, i cant imagine there are a ton of players left with that either
Joe_Potts: The Insane may not be one of the rare/hardest titles to get anymore, but I'm still proud i have it. Also fits me pretty well, at this point.
Marshal_Dunnik: The point of maximum danger for Immortal/Undying was, of course, the "Safety Dance" (Heigan the Unclean). Despite our guild fielding a semi-hardcore 25-man roster, we thought Immortal wasn't feasible and instead formed our best players to get Undying.
I stopped the (Vanilla) grind at Rank 13, largely because I had access to better weapons from raiding, and the fact that while a Grand Marshal commands parades, a Field Marshal commands armies! :D
ArchDuke519: The last time I saw a Scarab Lord was back in Cata. He was a gnome warrior I queued into Lost City of Tol’vir with. Might still have the screenshots saved on an old HDD. Still jealous I didn’t play that much back in Vanilla.
benallmon5613: The Black Harvest title is one of my proudest achievements I've gotten. I mained warlock in MoP and that quest was so hard. I remember grinding it over and over and getting it was such a relief. Plus the green fire is lit
canlex: Damn, think my rarest title is The Insane. Was proud for it! Not on this list XD
titotatianajuarez3248: I'm proud of my "The Insane" title.

Jun 05 2024

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