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This is WoW 2.0 And it Might Just Happen

HighTide.Sunset: I wish we went back to just Justice and Valor points and we could use them for everything. I hate bloated currencies that become irrelevant next patch so freaking much.
Dahkeus3: As someone that quit WoW for Guild Wars 2, I love the fact that the devs here are realizing that customization of characters is a huuuge incentive that they have vastly underestimated in the past. They seem to realize that now with all the skins/mounts in Pandaria.
ismount: I am not a huge fan of super strong, class-agnostic, random proc gems (i.e., tinkers). They lack flavor and agency. I really hope WoW does not go in that direction.
chrisfaricy4089: imo the game combat is too bloated, what really turns me off about the modern game is that doing rotations requires managing tons of procs and pressing tons of buttons rapidly. it just makes each button feel less impactful and damage seems more and more cooldown reliant as time goes on.
Guitarman5705: im gonna be honest, i would hate if they kept the remix system, it feels too much like a mobile game to me. The current system is fine as is imo, its simple enough save the different tiers of crests you need.
That_kind_of_orc: I like the "cartooney" style over these realistic ones
Hell0spawn0doug: At this point blizzard might as well steal guild wars 2 gearing progression. If what we have currently is too hard to gear up there’s no hope for any other system.
UrbanAnimal97: from a graphics point of view a wow 2 would be most likely to look like overwatch
tomferguson9609: 300 views in 6 minutes. Man yall have fallen from grace
jarosawdylewski9507: When I think of WoW 2.0 i think about better encounter design with less ability vomit, skill prune and disabling every calculative addon - especially weakauras. I don't care about remix-style gearing tbh
martinmadsen4162: to be fair if they make wow 2.0 i would want better graphics

May 27 2024

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