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The Unreleased Secrets of Vanilla WoW

Caine1996: Mans never misses a moment to say "I told you so" about the WoW token and im here for it lmao
atraxian5881: Inb4 it is revealed that "endgame content updates" is a switch to turn the old raids into level 60 heroic.
F12165: Another big one was the Dalaran bubble.
GoodbyeZek: There's also Old Outland and appeared in the background of the vanilla art box. I could see a small leveling zone being added there. Hayven Games did an exploration video and it's basically Hellfire Peninsula.
Mito383: "It's not fair to the Horde!"

Madseason: "And I took that personal."
itsdonewith: Nothing like a new mad season video on a Sunday.

Much appreciated!
mattroman5530: thanks brother for a beautiful sunday video
kreuk13: just gonna leave this here;
"endgame content updates" means endgame content, getting updated.
More like ST gnomers and BFD, less likely to be actual new endgame content.

I would actually really hope any form of classic would come with a fresh experience, and not flow out from the SoD seasons.
AsprosOfAzeroth: Hot take: Ashbringer in Legion was awesome!
BarokaiRein: Adding regular Ashbringer to the game would cause a massive influx of paladins.

All ret, of course.
erejnion: Timbermaw Hold really needs more content. That would give more content to Azshara too.
selwrynn6702: The way to do player housing in wow would be to make it guild based instead of personal (unless you make a guild with just you in it) and then make it Garrison-esque but without any resource nodes. Utilitywise you could throw a Guildbank in there.
riklaunim: Worth looking at what Classic ideas where implemented by private servers and how those played out. Turtle, Epoch and even Ascension?
charlestonjew7587: I remember our head Paladin in my guild was convinced that the legendary Ashbringer was hidden in the game back during Vanilla. He spent countless hours following wild goose chases with every rumor, hint or clue.

I think the idea and the lore was fantastic and I really wanted him to get it. Eventually, he would obtain the Corrupted Ashbringer from the Four Horsemen in Naxx, which was cool in its own right.
MrUncrustable: This music is totally the 1st temple's music in FF10.
Stahlreck: Just goes to show how much effort they put into Cata actually...basically making their 3rd xpac a real Vanilla in terms of content with Post-Wrath gameplay. Would definitely be cool to see a "vanilla-fied" Catacylsm.
lionheartfilms793: Sometimes I still lay awake at night and wonder if there was a hidden unmarked quest to purify the Ashbringer in TBC

May 27 2024

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