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The Sun Cleric Class Spotlight Conquest of Azeroth World of Warcraft

alinmadalin4097: This is Escanor from 7Deadly Sins
JediFrog: You know, with Starcaller being Night Elf inspired and Sun Cleric being Tauren inspired, this is giving heavy Faction AND Race specific class vibes. I imagine they're not, but it almost seems like it is
petros9711: @mcdoubles… you know I love you duder. The commentary from these latest vids really sound like large parts are written by the Ascension team. They even sound like the commentary they usually have over their own videos lol. Not hating, I just prefer your own words! Hope to see a Stormbringer fix soon!
Da_Juice7: It would be so cool to get a melee/caster hybrid spec that uses only a single 1h and an offhand caster item, there's never been anything like it before. I would also love to see dual wield shields somehow. But this class is super fun, I'll probably main this or cultist. Great work man
joaovitoralves4755: I love clerics, they are my favorite class in DnD fantasy. A cleric with the Sun and War domains blasting everything on their way is just how I build them. Guess I already know wich class is my main !
johnestell3442: I’m waiting on that Felsworn video
braidenbannister3877: Btw you 100% pronounced An'she and Mu'sha correctly. There is also some theory I believe initially created by Pyromancer that says An'she and Mu'sha might be fractal stories for Elune and Sargeras.
Inferno-Popculture: Dude why dose cod class feel more lord friendly then the real wow class
derisgaming9773: I often play a Sun Cleric in DnD when I don't feel like playing my 17th Paladin Archetype. Looks fun.
kuwe4652: To my understanding this really captures the holy warrior aspect of paladins and that's a thing I really like.

I am very much interested in how complex the tank rotation is here. Having many active mitigation skills and having to use many active mitigation skills isn't quite the same and I couldn't figure out, if most if not all abilities are supposed to be used on cooldown or not.
athrin123: Fuck CoA is getting so sweet! I love the change to 4 specs and I think this is my fave holy knight iteration.

Jun 03 2024

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