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The Runemaster Class Spotlight Conquest of Azeroth World of Warcraft

gearhead417: One of the cool things I am liking about the CoA classes is the way the team managed to give each class their own class resource bar like they do in FF14.
kuwe4652: Wow, the first class I definitly have to say "not my cup of tea" but it looks so cool and I am really glad that there are these kind of classes but not just these classes.

Having both simple, more casual friendly classes/speccs and these high skill classes/speccs sounds so much fun and the recipe for a diverse playerbase.
Sapphire707: Can't wait for the Venomancer and Witchdoctor!
bronchiel: The moment you said "Rogue-like" I immediately knew I was going to play the melee Runemaster. Thanks McDoubles.
gonefishing9781: This is probably the class I'll play. I mean it's just a crazy ass wizard
ACason79: The class design is so unique and fleshed out! Another job well done!
Necrosis88: Thank you McDoubles, Sir! Played my sun cleric the entire day. It's super fun
gearhead417: These videos have been great. I need Felsworn or Reaper soon
TheGorrum: Riftblade is my passion. SO HARD to play, but GOD I LIKE IT. I also really like that in PvP it is EVEN MORE DIFFICULT. I am a believer that the more difficult a class is, the stronger it should be. I hope the developers won't nerf it (the only exception being if players find an easy way to play it - "just spam one button build" (fire blade spam for example)). TY for all of that u do.
sunlightFrequency: O hell yeah this is the one I've been waiting for! I've always loved the concept and identity of a spellblade in WoW, but only way i've really been able to get that is either Enhancement Shaman or Frost Death Knight - which both have their conceptual issues with the idea.

Riftblade, though, is probably the perfect implementation of such a concept, and I'm honestly super happy with how it plays. There was a time a while back where the rotation felt kinda crappy, but the new design has made it feel SO much better. Also, regarding "it's hard to pick up", well; Invoker was my main in Dota 2, so Riftblade fits like a glove on me, haha.

I've been leveling as a Spellslinger as well since the 60 alpha announcement, and it's such a smooth caster spec that doesn't feel too much like a blizzlike mage. Y'all really nailed it with this class.
dereksampson1857: About 2 years ago my brothers and I got heavily into COA. I'm excited to jump back in and I'm loving this content by the way!
I mained Runeblade because I love the class fantasy. But to REALLY make this spec work, I had to make some weak auras to tell me what elements I built up, and what elemental buff was active as it constantly cycles. (Side note: this class was bugged and couldn't train epic riding for forever which was frustratingly funny)
As the game patched it broke my weak auras and I never rly felt like setting it back up. Im a wee bit bummed to see the Runeblade spec was for the most part left alone and just considered to be hard to play. When I think with the right UI changes, this spec would be more digestible.
While I do plan to jump back in to COA when I can, I do have kids now and wont have the same amount of time to dedicate. I fear that I'll probably be passing on this spec this time around, which may be fine if its just not for me.
That said, I ask you and the team, that at a minimum PLEASE add a UI element that indicates what elemental buff is in rotation! (I had a little half-circle next to my character)

Jun 06 2024

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