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The NEXT VERSION of World of Warcraft YOU Didnt Ask For

noonesp3cial: I just want tbc era....
Shockdoctor_OG: Classic plus not classic minus
Aerendir_MAF: I want the "world" to be the main caractere again. I do not want to be the hero but one of many small force who is part of a changing world. New content for new content make the rest of the world so empty.
brandonkruse6412: More versions of WoW, the better. I wouldn’t stay subscribed to the game if it were just retail and vanilla.

Getting to go through all of the old expansions that I played growing up is something I and many others always wanted.

Keep in mind that MoP Remix is 100% a retail product. It’s just a temp event to give retail players a new way to level alts for TWW.
daltonnelson94: Shoutout to Blizzard for pumping out all this great variety of content!
jomiles3605: They’re making too many WoWs. I have this distinct memory back when Wrath classic was pretty fresh, about chats between guild members talking about rotating between retail (shadowlands) and classic. Kinda seemed like a neat niche then to have “options”. But I think most people who enjoy WoW, do so because it’s something they can sink years of time effort and grinding into building up personalized characters. With all these new mini game modes, seasonal servers, and idek what remix is, the population is 1000% getting diluted and will after a short while cause mass exits as new players lose interest as quick as they gained it
Atthetta: I would like to see Vanilla mega-server, TBC mega-server, WOTLK mega-server, and maybe a venture into "Classic " vanilla with new dungeons, items, pvp, arena, etc.
RyanJakubco: Foremost Classic Plus. But I wouldn’t mind separate classic TBC and WoTLK servers since I missed playing those other than back in the vanilla days.
outriggerunderground: They didn’t fail the Cata community. Cata is going great. Guild chat not working for half a day didn’t ruin my experience lol
Jezza24681: They need to add TBC & Wrath Classic era. No micro transactions like wow token etc

May 30 2024

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