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The Mysterious Rocks of Redridge World of Warcraft

thender31: Finally, back to wow rocks, I missed these videos
LadySurvivalWoW: this was awesome. i really love Redridge, you're right its one of the most memorable and fun questing zones for the humans. I've always adored playing through Elwynn > Westfall > Redridge > Duskwood. one of my favorite leveling experiences to play through on classic WoW, and SO much nostalgia.
Its funny because despite being in Redridge so many times, I've never really paid much attention to those rocks. this definitely changes how I'll look at them next time!
diegoaespitia: :( i wish they did more with Burning Steppes. it had like 3 quests and they were yellow at like lvl 57 or something. the only time i set foot in that zone was to get to Blackrock Mountain. so many zones with probably rich history that were never fleshed out :(((((((
louis9109: Interesting, i never though these rocks could be shards of northern redrige until know, yet it makes sense, funny how we can still view old zones differently after all these years
peepoodoodledoo: The deducing that goes on for these videos is mind blowing but not far fetched. I always thought maybe those rocks in Redridge were remnants of old Silithid activity from before the sundering that were completely dormant.
oscarmichel9932: I really love all the human zones
Aerthal: Another banger of a video, always a pleasure to watch.
CarlosCanelaCinn: nice another geologic analysis video! that's the reason I initially subbed, now the theories are what keep me engaged.
Keep up the great work Mr Mage Jedi Warlock, father of the pebbles, master of the arcane
SailorSuitRebel: I will always have fond memories in Redridge. I'll never forget the stress of questing the elite orcs, running back to town, waiting for other party members to arrive, and to wait for their leader to respawn after he got killed. Heck, I even did my first PvP here near the Flightmaster. I was a Druid back then and was in an activate cat and mouse game with an Undead Rogue! Great fun, even if I don't play PvP anymore! :]
KevinArcade87: You need to search for the world designers and interview them!

Jun 04 2024

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