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The MOST INSANE Bronze Experience Farm! New Boosting Method WoW Remix

jestbone89: No need for another account.
Fresh lvl 10 with cloak can boost itself. About 3 dungeons to lvl 25, then normal MSV raid, 2 more dungeons, normal HoF raid, normal ToES raid.
Boom you have lvl 44 with 300% xp.
Jaycee0105: Why do I get the feeling this is the next nerf haha.
Thanksxmen: i feel like telling a whole bunch of people to afk in dungeons is probably not it...
tr3lane: Won't the other people who queue in the heroic dungeon with you complain about your main AFk at the start and report that toon?
kevmeup: Having a 20 twink is a great idea for TWW also, so make a tank as well (I like druid) and grab 7 of the cheap bags next to bank on your free account before end of event.
mateline1637: I have a feeling this is going to get noticed by Bliz and you will get Frog Nerfed.
Gommke: If it takes 3 to 4 hours of playing to get to 70 and it gets you 40k bronze or 7 to 8 hours without boosting yourself and gets you 40k plus around 40k looted bronze. Doesnt it make this method just a boring grind ?
jimgiacomelli7495: so glad you posted this on a hoiday weekend. this wont be patched till tuesday, if it gets patched at all
Galitsapwd: *votes afk in dungeon
germansausage7310: exploit early. explit often

May 29 2024

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