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The EASIEST FASTEST Ways To Level in WoW Remix Pandaria Event

nitebones1: everyone is there speed leveling and trying to min max power. and there is just me slowly going threw the quests like this is such a cool place
OMGITSMEDUSTIN: No idea why Im watching this. I'm literally farming goats at 2am. I tell friends, I'm a goat farmer and I make a good living doing it.
preacherbillf: Oh, I started as a Shadow Priest and realized I can play as I can play as a Holy and kill kill kill while questing and still heal greatly in dungeons and raids.
leonardceres9061: honestly, I just kind of played it at my own pace and enjoy things. The biggest reward for me is getting a few new mogs And running through a bit of the older content for fun because let’s face it. I was just counting down the time until the new expansion launches anyway.. care less about farming, legendary items in retail. This gives me a little bit of fun leveling up new characters, which is kind of what I enjoy to do anyway, and I can run raids at an early level two which is also something fun that I wasn’t able to do in retail.
user-bt9zb3fn5l: Oh and for those telling us just to chill and enjoy the content ..many of us have already played through all this content when mop was current content ...we were only running this mode to get a quick alt leveled up to test a new class etc....if they are gonna nerf xp gains then there is literally no point.
selimthedream: Thx for the video. I didn't know how lucrative raids were and I didn't think about the group finder. I have been lvling a shaman as a healer through heroic dungeons and lfr raids. I will probably do a few normal ones for the last few lvls to 70.
bazlowery8904: Always good to have you help us with wow, keep up the good work
d1v1ne2986: Turn Auto Loot off when looting raid bosses so you can loot the 12% exp buff before the actual chunk of exp from the boss
junnkmeat78: Frogs… why did it have to be frogs….
Astronic: I really don't understand why people are stressing this game mode. Isnt it made to enjoy pandaria again (or for the first time?).
kenzieduckmoo: I havent had an LFR queue time go longer than 5 minutes, and that was on my feral druid. queueing as a healer is near instant pop.

May 23 2024

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