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The Cultist Class Spotlight Conquest of Azeroth World of Warcraft

startart22: Just when I was thinking "damn where's McDoubles", and "I'd like more Coa", the man shows up with tons of content! Thanks dude
jesses9540: coa hype!
IndicatedGoodLife: This class seems absolute broken, lmao
AndrewRussell-dz8zy: This might be a weird question but do you guys have any plans to incentivize players being focused on one primary server during certain time frames?

I would like to play on both coa and elune, but if everybody's playing coa cuz it's the new hotness, i feel the most logical result would be to end up with elune being a ghost town.
DevilcakeLive: Erm Acshully mr.youtuber, you mispronounced Y'shaarj
codybroome9520: Just went back on coa for the first time since the talent trees and holy crap what a 180 coa has taken. Appreciate all of y’all’s work this feels like a very different experience. Me and the boys are getting the M group back together!
mrpibb220: NGL Seeing these videos hyped me up so much to download ascension again for the first time in like a year plus. Cheers mate!
borismonachon3320: Loving the videos! This channel really boasts a wide variedy of CoA video these days (mfw when I heard the word boast 17 times in the video xD)
petros9711: Getting hyped for CoA again… I wonder, what is the leveling rate expected to be like for the release? What would you compare it to? I haven’t played since phase 2 beta, but one of my problems was I wanted to play EVERYTHING(class) and there just isn’t time for it of course.
lubomirgenov4346: The server looks awesome, just one question .. what is gonna be the xp rate ?

Jun 03 2024

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