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Pointless Top 10 Worst Jobs in World of Warcraft

Loremaster17: Special shout out to all the barbers who just wanted to cut hair but now have to give face lifts, surgically alter skin colors, and perform sex change operations.
Dampheria1: i love pointless top 10
EluneAnzu: There's actually a youtube short on the official wow youtube channel where a mage who just graduated from mage school got assigned to holding the portal open forever, so yeah, bad job lol
dsalucas: Orc peons are weird as hell, you've got this race of honorable warriors, challenged by an inner rage that must be contained and a great focus on their individual clans... But they also appear to have an under-caste of Peons, practically-mindless laborers that perform any and all hard labor needed by the horde. At least they have Peon Day now and get... Well not a lot but some respect for being the backbone of the Horde.
chenstormstout9456: Btw Crendor, Siouxie the Banshee is a reference to a British rock band of the same name.
Maybeabandaid9: Portal mages taking smoke breaks during server maintenance had me laughing far harder than it should have.
madamwinnifer4666: Goblin Contractors taking at least a decade to work on a roof is too perfect to not be canon.
wheelmangames5366: Perfect timing. I was just getting caught up on past pointless top ten.

I'm having a pointless night.
TheProfessor234: If Edwards can move up in the world, that means there's hope for me
vernemeton: that one (1) blood elf worker in charge of the reconstrcution of silvermoon city, who has been hammering away at some planks since TBC released has those goblins in booty bay beat... at least his work will see some progress come midnight, i guess
HawkknightXC88: Class Trainers should get a update. Heck Classes in general should have the return of the good old ways of learning your spells back so that the Class Trainers can finally have their old jobs back again.
DarthShadow91: The Goblins at Booty Bay make sense when you realize they probably get paid by the hour.
Loon65: I've never seen Booty Bay in the intro so dark and grey! Shout out Edwards
charliepie1212: Hey Crendor, do you rerecord the intro each time, or do you have one you just reuse? I swear its slightly different each time.

May 17 2024

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