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Pointless Top 10 NPCs Fishing in World of Warcraft

ski364: Crendor better have his own NPC on the list.
TrolladinPlays: A little Crendor before bed couldn't be pointless
matthewbeard7841: Crendor is slowing and methodically conditioning me to stay up into the late hours of the night for every new Pointless Top 10, and I gotta say...

Inside this broken sleep schedule is treasure!
Zejgar: A distinct lack of Gubber Blump in this pointless top 10...
Kevkoss: I know he's not exactly fishing, but he is selling fishing supplies and is one of the most famous Anglers, so I was kinda hoping he'll make into the list. His name is Jiang Ziya and has really sad story - he was treated unfarily by Blizzard during Fruit Bowl Controversy. Before that he was known to the world as "Master Baiter".
EdyGlockenspiel: At the Nat Pagle camp you mentioned in this video, in one of the houses there was a Pandaren that use to be named 'Master Baiter'. He was renamed some time ago to some generic Asian sounding name, but I was surprised you didn't mention him when talking about all the npcs with Nat.
charlesc4511: the fact he didn't put himself in it shows how humble he is, or possibly he forgot about it....

...probably the latter
brunosardine1: Crendor I cannot describe how much of a rock you are in my life, I love your pointless top 10 videos on a slow sunday morning
benl.8751: Expectations subverted with not having your own NPC as 1. On another note, Im waiting for a top 10 collab between Crendor and hirumaredx!
rntypical: At this point, I have to wonder, do the developers making these little stories take bets on whose story will end up on a pointless top ten.

Jun 03 2024

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