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Pointless Top 10 Libraries in World of Warcraft

HawkknightXC88: Dalaran, Dire Maul, Scarlet Library, and Karazhan Library are my favorites.
forrestredd2706: Libraries can't be pointless... Knowledge is never pointless Crendor...

How droll....
aksen303: will my comment be read?
wheelmangames5366: If my favorite library isn't on this list!.....

I will not care. Because it is pointless.
lordofthecuttingmoon: You said in number nine that you might not imagine an Orc walking up to a dragon for a library card but now I can't help but imagine Billy the Orc Hunter from your older content just coming in and asking in a very timid, polite way if he could have a library card, paying the, what, twenty copper fee for it, and everything.
ski364: What an amazing thumbnail!
randominternetuser9559: Fastest I've clicked on a video, one minute after posting
northcode_: Doesn't the stormwind library also contain a page from "draconic for dummies" you needed to pick up during the scarab Lord quest in classic? Very interesting challenge for horde players.
TheProfessor234: Waiting for that new thumbnail

May 20 2024

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