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Our mums guess World of Warcraft characters Minecraft Gartic Phone

travishimebaugh8381: And Lewis has been on holiday with every single one of those Yogmoms
domalu3728: "I wish handshakes weren't a thing"
"Handshakes are fucking cool man"

Absolute S tier lego talk
Satherian: Lewis's sign is basically

Duncan: "Sex?"
Lewis: Seen at 12:58 am
charlieholdsworth6086: Lewis see's blonde bent over a sofa : "i'm getting Elsa vibes"
HAXMINATOR: I love the knife-ears of Ben's Sylvanas!
jjaaamm: In creative, if you rename any item in an anvil and place said item in an item frame, the name will float above it
tarnyowl6068: Yeee olde goon squad finaly back to the wow content i preted i subscribed for.
bringmemyflail1321: If you get an overly strong hand shake just moan like you REALLY enjoyed it.
TrinityCodex: The schedule is reall fucked this week

May 20 2024

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