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NEW Trading Post Items For June! World of Warcraft Dragonflight

alexfdezpal: The Trading Post has become so holiday-of-the-month centered that it kinda forgot to add cool looking regular Warcraft style mogs

Edit: to be clear I think there’s room for everything. Fairy stuff, holiday themed stuff like this summer one, and regular Warcraft one. The problem is this last one is missing
eodyn7: There needs to be more balance on the trading post. For every beach or fairy themed item there should be stuff for people who actually want Warcraft things.
anthonysnoopdog2040: THIS IS Just a rumor but i hear July is called forsaken themed and we might finally get sylvanas old armor in the trading post :O saw some posts about it before
spindoggytheexplorer2915: Shameful that they didn’t add extra parts to fix the clearly unfinished Darkspear Heritage set. They straight up censored and ignored mountains of feedback.
ksteele13: World of Wokecraft
Evilshtt353: Hoverboard reminds me of the board from Wildstar. Definitely will get it. June is already so much better then the last few months.

I also hate how they are no longer showing pictures of everything like they used to.
zerashy: every month is save month
RotalHenricsson: The damnable reptile has been eluding me so, so long, i can't even be mad at the price. FINALLY i will have my riding tutel.
Edit: no, the Riding Turtle is not a repeat, but you recognize it because it used to be a TCG mount. For a long time it has
BoundlessBoredom: Im tired of these weird themes. Can we get some themes that are actually fantasy?
vichack7215: Very spenny month, Mounts, pet, murloc swim ring , and the chair 100% !
Mike_W78: These transmogs look very ff14.

May 31 2024

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