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MoP Remix News Big Nerfs, Big Updates, More! WoW Timerunning Pandamonium

zelphermm: So no rollback for the frogs there are people with 8 million health doing 8 million dps. Blizz finds a way to ruin everything
kiraos6732: You don't get threads from frogs anymore either. So that is a completely useless place to farm now
derryberry7991: Wow a whopping 25% bronze increase. Blizzard has hands down the worst developers. Like people got their cloaks and gear to an insane level, like borderline unobtainable now and their compensation is a 25% bronze increase to caches
stahliboi6249: They should roll back the frog nerf. If they're not going to roll back players that abused frogs cloaks then they should allow the rest of us to grind ourselves. As it stands we probably won't catch up to the people with 6 million hp until the event ends.
rogerbruere2135: What about the lvl 70 damage scaling shouldnt that be a higher priority. Doing any instanced content at 70 is nigh impossible because everything chunks hp??
sheshoec: I am not spending a single bronze in gear, because I want to get out of this trash bait and switch game they turn to deliver. People making 5 million dps with 6 million health while we, playing normally are stuck in 700 thousand ish. Watching the LFR tool for hero and mythic massively populated with: "MGV hero, frogs 1" They choose to reroll them? No, they decide to increase the threads for all of us that are playing the game as it is supposed to? No. They offer a 25% extra bronze and was it for all content? No. Just when you finish raids or another high-end shit. Bravo. So the ones that already have 6million dps, can go and farm Siege mythic and get their 50k bronze per run. I already read in chat one dude that says he got all the collectibles. Amazing blizzard, amazing.
Buoyant_Bear: Roll back that fucking frog nonsense. Stop rewarding stupid exploits and punishing players for playing the game as intended. Is this a joke? Most SoO groups are excluding those who didn't abuse the frog crap. Bravo, Blizzard. Another L, well taken
CrazedPhsycho1023: I missed out on the frogs so there’s no way in hell I’ll ever get enough bronze or threads to do anything. Funny I’m a newish player to this game and can already see the frustration people have faced while I wasn’t playing. Blizzard sucks.
lorgariiix: So my 190% exp buff is not shared with my remix alts? They bait and switched it again? What the flying frak was the point then?
five0393: So i was focussed on playing the game normally past few days, now i missed the frogs, and also because i already opened all the bronze whil progressing, I also missed out the bronze increase buff
joeycannoli518: Why do people that actually have lives and cant farm frogs for 12 fuckin hours in the first couple days of the event get shafted lmao

May 27 2024

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