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Lets Go Back To 2012 World of Warcraft

Mingepleg: 12 years a slave
Sirmartinii: 12 years? fuck im old lmao
jamescrook9600: Man 12 years ago I was still old haha
fwam2k7: Missed opportunity to call him Asmonbronze
strofu5064: mist of pandaria was when I started watching your guides Asmon, you've come so far as a creator
tqs3: Kids are now college students, 20's are now in their mid-30's.... and those of us who were 30 for MoP are now middle-aged old dudes lol.
Govakhelsborne: It's funny how with this event people can see that the whole theme of WoW used to go harder back then, even in the panda expansion, and it's not just nostalgia goggles
Daninput: It’d be pretty funny if the sword drops in the remix.
wanabeitt7692: I refuse to believe the twelve year thing
ckhayne2: dude doesn't fully fill all his tinker slots, so missing out on some of the crazy cross-class spell shenanigans.
appleseider: being a 12 year old in mop was the best
sharkman265: Hit level 34 last night and completed all of jade forest quests , went with traditional Pandarian Monk ….i named Snackychan
manamana231: Even if I really wanted to I just can't have fun in this game anymore... I wish there was some new, fresh, well-made mmo
explodify: Asmon just cant be wrong about the sub count no matter what. Cant understand algorithms are trained to not show you things. You dont see Wow because you told it not to show you wow.

May 18 2024

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