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Is It As Bad as I thought? - Cata Pre-patch | WoW Classic

Lotuswalker: Blizzard should have hired some interns to handle the beta. Instead they appearently hired Troggs.
axl4394: The worgen dk mog looks sick
zedxspecturm4698: I was suprised they fixed alot of DK stuff from beta, but literally everything else was broken. low level BGs where giving 10 levels for a little bit and they dissabled all PVP all together. also PVP quest NPCs where up for a bit so I think some people have conquest points from that.
Sapp726: When you decide to stream, Please choose Twitch and/or youtube. Regarding the topic of the video: seems we were right and there was definitely more bugs than expected. I agree that I am happy they seem to be communicating about bugs/fixes but it would be nice to have communication as to why they are making some of the changes.
darodaredevil: I played original wrath, prepach and cata. What we have here is way way more broken than original release. Thats unacceptable blizzard
Deadmeatsz: Pvp in prepatch is 100% trash. Everyone turned into 1 shot machines were 4 or less hits remove 80% of your hp. It removed all forms of tactics or strategy in favor of spamming CDs and killing almost instantly. wont be playing cataclysm at all if this remains (even though I dislike other parts of expansions too)
tanithjones8712: Good to see your face Karrot! Looking forward to streams
Maybenice86: They fixed the westfall thing. The ironforge never worked since then, i managed to finish all meta achievements on my main, yet no title. All my other toons got the chopper and darnassus quest done but cant get the magni step to get further.
gintamah: Hungering cold enjoyer
bluedragonblader: It doesn’t work as it did originally. Largely due to the account wide mounts. Specifically, you did not need to have the achievement done to get the free 310%

My alt rogue, whom hit 80 a week before prepatch, never did any achievement. She had access to a 310 mount from my dk/druid and had artisan flying. This rogue got the free 310 speed.

This is better than original cata, but you had to know to really make use of it.
huntersmith9344: Where are the spell overlays? Sort bags button? There's a dozen missing changes that I was anticipating. Half of them must've come later.
I was looking forward to getting rid of 70% of my addons

It hurts to see the underdog expansion get clowned on like this. PvPers are excited about this expansion. I think the haters will be surprised at Cataclysm's popularity, assuming we see some level of polish down the line.

May 09 2024

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