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How to Farm Justice Points Quicker - WoW Cataclysm Classic

jtown7: Beating my head against the archeology wall trying to get to get Zin’Rokh…
maxs5042: thx for these good videos u always do! I love the editing.
bigbigzubra: About to start farming JP soon. Perfect timing for this video
dyyylllaannn: I'm capped on my Ret main but I feel like Ret is gonna be giga dogshit. If so, going to Demo lock
quidkey69: ANOTHER BANGER! Putting in the extra work for videos like this really make you stand out. Good Shit!
ThePeachgaming: Had a lot of fun with the green screen huh? Good info, hope to see more.
Aklamore: been doing my dailies on my mage for guild rep plus the weekly, then spamming archeology. went into prepatch with JP cap and I have already gotten enough to buy two tier 10 items and will be capped again before launch just doing daily dungeons. Still trying for that damned staff from archeology though.
a7x16pruitt: I haven’t played since Naxx, and I’ve came back recently to try and get what gear I can for cata. I’ve found basically 0 groups forming for ICC or really any raid for that matter. I think I’ve seen 1 ICC but it was a GDKP requiring 10k to even be invited.

Benediction Alliance btw
ironhenge7: Don't forget to cap honor as well. You can convert 375 honor for 250 justice points.

May 13 2024

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