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First Time Reacting to Battle for Azeroth World of Warcraft Cinematic Trailer REACTION!

LightAdeptGS: For all the Flak Blizzard gets, their animation team has always absolutely brilliant cinematics. I'd Recommend "Old Soldier" for another WoW Cinematic, or "Honor and Glory" from Overwatch, or getting away from Blizzard, maybe something from Dark Souls or Warhammer.
sharr7077: Since youre already at it, dont forget to check out the rest of them! They are all really good.
xSpooby: in World of Warcraft there is really no "good or bad" side. but in this expansions (The Battle for Azeroth) the lady in the trailer (Sylvanas Windrunner) is the antagonist and is leading the Horde down a path without honor. The Horde and Alliance usually have a common enemy in the game and neither side has clean hands in their past. So you get to chose which side (or you can play on both) you want to swear your alliance to and the other is, in your eyes, the "bad guy". hope this helps!
kolyaferents3791: Great! You could do the whole wow cinematics/"trailers" sequence. Liked & subscribed. Blizzard did great job in this direction
Farobette: Oh hey, if you get into the WoW cinematics, there are like 4 hours of HD cinematics and like 12 hours of a bit lower quality story and stuff.

I've played WoW since 2004 so I am biased when I say I love ALL of their cinematics. If you want to get into it, I'd suggest you start from the beginning, the Warcraft 3 Cinematics then moving into World of Warcraft Classic -> The Burning Crusade -> Wrath of the Lich King -> Cataclysm -> Mists of Pandaria -> (All of the Lords of War and then the Draenor cinematic) -> (All of the Warbringers and then Legion 'Rejection of the Gift') - > (All of the pre-Battle for Azeroth, Battle for Azeroth and post-Battle for Azeroth cinematics ''really good animation and story imo''), you just watched the Battle for Azeroth expansion cinematic and then the Dragonflight/War Within.

You will notice how much cinematics and visuals improve throughout the years, and if nothing else, the art team at Blizzard has been keeping the game afloat for a lot of the time. Just like any other game it has had it's ups and downs. I can't say I haven't spent stupid amounts of hours in it.

I always like watching people who have little to no information about the game/story react and try to make assumptions about characters :D

Hope you enjoy your time! Been subbed for a while so adding yet another hopefully
nordiclight8453: I recommend watching through the expansion cinematics in order, every single one is a masterpiece of its time in animation
blackdragon1412: Watching world of warcraft gotta watch "wrath of the litch king" one of the favorites in the community.
yegor6763: Its one of the best trailers that Blizzard have ever done for world of warcraft. They honestly should just start making movies at this point as there is so much lore and epic moments to take from. Highly recomend reacting to their other game trailers aswell, specifically Diablo and Starcraft - They are all insane.
conrad_os: In WoW there is not really a good or bad side, The horde and the alliance have both good and bad people, and they fight for their own reasons. In the game you can actually choose which side you can play as. I was always an alliance player =D
user-tr1vd: if you want music one - check "daughter of the sea"
omuky1196: you should watch all the world of warcraft cinematic in order to guide you in the wow story, there are great cinematics

May 21 2024

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