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Cataclysm Classic Launch Trailer Resistance World of Warcraft

ianfacerollsyou: Hiring Hurricane to do these trailers is one of the best decisions Blizz has made
joshuageller1761: Our lord and savior, Hurricane.
Max-dv1kq: Hurricane outperfoming himself
rundown132: Hurricane carrying Blizz on his back again
Killerstorm5280: What about the water zo-
Blizzard: …
Hurricane: …
TastyScotch: Hurricane is the goat. Pay him all the money. Make more videos.
SandraDean-yg2nh: This is beautiful. Sad that we didnt have something like this in MoP Remix trailer
ImperfectCT: everyone knows in this point of time, more than half of the Horde were blood elves
samul7531: they should really remaster wow to make everything look like this
popamihnea6695: Kind of fake, showed Prot Warrior and Fury warrior getting raid spots
Conorp77: Please let Hurricane do future expansion cinematics.
TheWhiteCrest: ay~~~ Hurricanes work!! me likey
grennbalze: The fact that this gets me to want to play Cata is impressive
Eramidas: Cata is not classic, we should have just one singular wrath server for all the private server people to play on, and people that quit without wrath, but private servers prove there is an audience for it.

Hurricane is amazing though, he can make anything look cool.
Aldever13: Hurricane’s cinematics are too perfect

May 22 2024

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