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Wotlk Classic Gold: What’s Playing on News and notable events in late September 2023

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While you prepare to tackle the threats that await you, take a moment to rest and read up on the latest beats from all of your favorite games.

Squad up to survive The Haunting in Call of Duty, get ready to unleash joyful chaos in Warcraft Rumble, celebrate Overwatch 2’s anniversary, and more.

Every two weeks, we help you catch up on all things by highlighting new content, developer updates, and “don’t miss” occasions to help you hit important dates and maximize each in-game moment.

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Call of Duty

Get ready for Season 06: The Haunting

Prepare for frightening thrills, shambling undead, and plenty of jumpscares as The Haunting returns to Call of Duty! The Hellmouth has opened, spilling unearthly creatures from the underworld. Squad up and prepare to deploy—”Operation Nightmare” awaits.


Prime members: Grab the WSOW Solo Yolo Pack

Now through October 26, unlock free in-game loot, including two new weapon blueprints, XP tokens, and more.

Warcraft Rumble

Pre-order Warcraft Rumble on the Apple App Store now!

It won’t be long before everyone across the globe will be able to leap into a new world of joyful chaos. Now, you can pre-order and receive four exclusive mecha-themed items to use either on the battlefield or to customize your account when the game goes live.

Overwatch 2

Party and play during the latest Anniversary event

The first anniversary of Overwatch 2 has arrived, bringing back fan-favorite brawls, skins, and a limited-time chance to earn up to 3000 Overwatch Credits by completing challenges throughout the event.


Prime members: Unlock the Owl Guardian Mercy skin

Don your mask and soar to the rescue with this free Epic skin, available now through October 19!


Unleash Yogg-Saron’s chaos with the Fall of Ulduar Mini-Set

There’s a new Titan in town. Cast spells to fuel the Old God’s power and bring madness to the Tavern with the latest 38-card Mini-Set.


Get free content with Prime Gaming

Boost your collection by unlocking a random Standard Epic Card now through October 18!

Diablo Immortal

Witness the Dark Rebirth in Tristram Cathedral

The latest major update has arrived in Sanctuary, bringing the new Alley of Blood team-based PvP activity, three more Legendary Gems, adjustments to your favorite features, and much more.

Diablo II: Resurrected

Ladder Season 5 arrives soon

Countless demons have met their timely demise at the end of your weapon—yet, their onslaught doesn’t relent. Sanctuary needs its savior. Return on September 28 to wreak havoc among the Burning Hells’ ranks in the latest Ladder Season!

World of Warcraft

Get a keg up—Brewfest is here!

Now through October 6, celebrate Azeroth’s annual holiday with a host of different brewfestivities, including eating delicious food, drinking a bounty of beverages, and riding rams ‘round barrels of apples.

Sep 27 2023

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