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Wotlk Classic Gold: New Class Sets Coming to the Trading Post!

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Beginning with the month of September and each month through December, the Trading Post will be introducing new transmogs sets and new transmog weapon sets specific to each class.  Each armor set comes with three pieces: helm, shoulder, and belt, and each weapon set comes with 3 weapons to match each discipline—with the exception of Druids having 4 and Demon Hunters with 2.

You’ll be able to purchase these items with any class character to add to your transmog collection. Keep in mind that only the intended class will be able to use the armor set transmogs and weapon set transmogs. Armor sets will be available to purchase for 450 Trader’s Tender each, and weapon sets will be available to purchase for 500 Trader’s Tender each. Here’s what you can look forward to in the months ahead.


Armor Sets

Paladin: Plate of the Light Avenger

Priest: Silks of the Unnamed Cult

Rogue: Blood Onyx Uniform

Paladin Weapons

Armaments of the Light Avenger: Club of the Light Avenger (1-Hand Mace), Hammer of the Light Avenger (2-Hand Mace), Kite of the Light Avenger (Shield)

Priest Weapons

Secrets of the Unnamed Cult: Scepter of the Unnamed Cult (1-Hand Mace), Libram of the Unnamed Cult (Off-Hand), Staff of the Unnamed Cult (Staff)

Rogue Weapons

Blood Onyx Blades: Blood Onyx Shortblade (1-Hand Sword), Blood Onyx Serrated Edge (Dagger), Blood Onyx Impaler (Dagger)


Armor Sets

Death Knight: Webbed Saronite Exoskeleton

Demon Hunter: Nathreza Blasphemer’s Flames

Druid: Ashamane’s Vestment of Rebirth

Death Knight Weapons

Webbed Saronite Weaponry: Webbed Saronite Eviscerator (1-Hand Sword), Webbed Saronite Greataxe (2-Hand Axe), Webbed Saronite Devourer (2-Hand Sword)

Demon Hunter Weapons

Nathreza Blasphemer’s Glaives: Nethreza Blasphemer’s Wingglaive (Warglaive), Nathreza Blasphemer’s Warglaive (Warglaive)

Druid Weapons

Ashamane’s Blessings of Rebirth: Ashamane’s Claws of Rebirth (Fist Weapon), Ashamane’s Blade of Rebirth (Dagger), Ashamane’s Crescent of Rebirth (Staff), Ashamane’s Jewel of Rebirth (Staff)


Armor Sets

Warlock: Jewels of the Alluring Call

Monk: Possessed Watcher Guise

Warrior: Savage Champion’s Trophies

Monk Weapons

Possessed Watcher Arsenal: Possessed Watcher Fan (Fist Weapon), Possessed Watcher Bloom (Staff), Possessed Watcher Keg (Staff)

Warlock Weapons

Instruments of the Alluring Call: Flayer of the Alluring Call (Dagger), Effigy of the Alluring Call (Off Hand), Caduceus of the Alluring Call (Staff)

Warrior Weapons

Savage Champion’s Aggression: Savage Champion’s Gladius (1-Hand Sword), Savage Champion’s Disemboweler (2-Hand Sword), Savage Champion’s Thorns (Shield)


Armor Sets

Evoker: Scales of the Silver Hoarder

Hunter: Hornstrider Warrior's Camouflage

Mage: Battle Magister’s Regalia

Shaman: Imminence of Krag'wa's Executor

Evoker Weapons

Treasure of the Silver Hoarder: Saber of the Silver Hoarder (1-Hand Sword), Flames of the Silver Hoarder (Off Hand), Flight of the Silver Hoarder (Staff)

Hunter Weapons

Hornstrider Warrior's Preference: Hornstrider’s Warrior’s Pride (Bow), Hornstrider’s Warrior’s Harpooner (Gun), Hornstrider Warrior’s Serrator (Polearm)

Mage Weapons

Battle Magister’s Enchantments: Battle Magister’s Scimitar (1-Hand Sword), Battle Magister’s Scepter (Off Hand), Battle Magister’s Shard (Staff)

Shaman Weapons

Tools of Krag'wa's Executor: Hatchet of Krag’wa’s Executor (1-Hand Axe), Talons of Krag’wa’s Executor (Fist Weapon), Safeguard of Krag’wa’s Executor (Shield)

Make sure you plan accordingly and save your Trader’s Tender for the sets and weapons you want to collect most!

Jul 31 2023

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