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Wotlk Classic Gold: Face the Lord of Terror in Diablo, now available on

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Beneath the cathedral of Tristram, past the catacombs and deep caves, a Prime Evil grows in strength. Terror grips the townsfolk. They pray for someone to descend into the darkness, avenge their fallen friends, save Tristram, and destroy their demonic malefactor. Will you answer the call?

Return to 1997’s Diablo, the title that launched one of gaming’s most enduring action-RPG franchises. Warriors, Rogues, and Sorcerers can now and stand against darkness once again in this genre classic. This release includes:

16 levels of old-school dungeon delving: Slaughter your way from the Tristram cathedral all the way to Hell itself across 16 increasingly challenging levels. Each playthrough features a brand-new, randomly generated dungeon layout that offers a fresh challenge every time you descend into the dark below.

Three iconic character Classes: Whether you prefer to crush skulls as a Warrior, nail monsters from afar as a Rogue, or bend arcane powers to your will as a Sorcerer, Diablo has a Class that suits your style.

Multiplayer demon slaying: Nothing beats battling beasts and demons with friends. Join forces with up to three other players and drive the demons screaming back to Hell together.

So, so much loot: It wouldn’t be a Diablo game without tons and tons of randomly rolled loot. Liberate powerful weapons and armor from your defeated enemies, and upgrade your character’s arsenal.

Check out the full manual for Diablo .

Grab your sword, string your bow, and ready your spellbook; Tristram awaits.

Quickstart gameplay overview


Left-click where you want your character to walk to. Hold down the left mouse button and move your mouse for continuous movement. Your character will continue to follow your cursor until the mouse button is released or a path is not available.


Placing the cursor over a creature will display the creature’s name and any information that your character may know about the target. Unique creatures will have their name displayed in a gold font.

Left-click the creature to attack it with your equipped weapon.

Holding down the Shift key while attacking will prevent your character from moving.

Using skills and spells

Left-click the skill or spell that you wish to prepare by using the Spellbook or Speedbook.

Right-click on the creature or area where you wish to cast the prepared spell. Spells or skills that affect an item in your character’s Inventory will turn the cursor into a targeting icon. Highlight the item that you wish to target with the cursor and left-click on it.

Hotkeys can be assigned to frequently used spells by using the Speedbook. Open the Speedbook, and place the cursor over the spell that you wish to assign a hotkey to. Press F5-F8 to assign that key to the spell, then close the Speedbook. Pressing the appropriate key will now prepare that spell.

Speedbook color key

Gold: Skill
Blue: Memorized Spell
Red: Scroll
Orange: Staff

Interacting with the environment

Move the cursor over any item. A colored highlight indicates that the item can be manipulated or interacted with.

Blue: Item that can be picked up
Red: Creature
Gold: Anything else your character can interact with

Left-clicking on the highlighted item will cause your character to walk over to the item and pick it up, attack it, or otherwise interact with it.

Using items

Moving the cursor over an item on the ground will display its name. Moving the cursor over an item in your character’s Inventory will display any other information that is known about the item. The color of the description indicates the nature of the item.

White: Normal item
Blue: Magic item
Gold: Unique item

Any equipment that is tinted in red is either unusable or too powerful for your character to use.

Right-click an item in your character’s Inventory or Belt to use it. If the item requires a target, the cursor will be replaced by a targeting icon. Move the cursor over the desired target and left-click.

An item carried on your character’s Belt has an automatic hotkey assigned to it. The hotkey is displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the Belt slot. Pressing the hotkey will use that item.

Right-click on gold that your character is carrying to drop a specific amount.

Keyboard commands

F1: Display Diablo Help
P: Pause the Game
Escape: Bring up the Main Menu
B: Open the Spellbook
C: View Character Information
I: Examine Inventory
Q: Read Quest Log
S: Display the Speedbook
Z: Zooms view in and out
Shift: Hold down when attacking to prevent movement
Tab: Display the Automap
/-: Zoom Automap In/Out
Arrow Keys: Scroll Automap
1-8: Use specific belt item
F5-F8: Highlight spell in Speedbook and press F5-F8 to assign a hotkey. Once hotkey is assigned, the key will prepare that specific spell
F9-F12: Auto send messages (Multiplayer only)
Enter: Open message window/send message (Multiplayer only)
Spacebar: Closes all open windows

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