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Wotlk Classic Gold: Esports Welcomes the Lich King’s Return!

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With the release of the Wrath of the Lich King Classic, it is time for more WoW Esports events! We are excited to showcase our first raid event for the Classic community in the Undying Challenge and a return to the Classic Arena Tournament for our amazing PvP community.

Undying Challenge

While many adventurers have conquered Naxxramas before, few are as fast and efficient as two of the top speedrunning guilds in their home realms: Progress (EU - Firemaw) and SPACEFORCE (US - Eranikus). 

But what if they didn’t have all the best items and near-unlimited time to gear up?  The Undying Challenge gives these two guilds basic level 80 characters, limited time to gear up, and then has them speedrun through Naxxramas.  Can these guilds conquer the challenge… without dying?

Watch them take on the Undying Challenge on October 22 & 23 live on and .

Classic Arena Tournament

With the Lich King’s return, it is time to crown the top players from Europe and North America in the 2022 Classic Arena Tournament! Make a team, compete, and watch the best Arena players battle for a combined prize pool of $100,000 (USD) on November 11-13, live on and .

Signups are open now until October 28, 2022 at 9:00 am Pacific time ahead of Open Qualifiers starting November 5. More details are available on GameBattles for and . Be sure to follow WoW Esports on Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch, while checking out the website for all the latest news as we return to Northrend!

Oct 06 2022

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