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Wotlk Classic Gold: Defend Azeroth When You Defend Your Account

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Your World of Warcraft® account is precious! Unfortunately, scoundrels and thieves out there will try to take it from you and cause significant damage to the progress you've made with your characters.

What happens with stolen accounts?

Thieves use stolen accounts for a variety of disruptive in-game behaviors, such as:

Fueling gold-selling operations by stripping characters of valuable equipment and materials

Performing botting activities, making it more difficult for legitimate players to acquire resources.

Spamming players with advertisements for unauthorized services.

These disruptive behaviors harm everyone, not just the person whose account was taken. We are committed to combatting bots, gold selling and buying, and spamming while ensuring stolen accounts are returned to their owners.

You can help in this fight!

Taking simple precautions can protect your account from being used for nefarious purposes.

General Internet Safety

If you use the same login credentials across multiple platforms, and one of those platforms is compromised, your password could be out there in the wild. To avoid this:

Use a unique email address for your account.

Use a strong password that is unique to your account.

Change your account password regularly.

If your provider offers it, use Two-Factor Authentication on your email account. Account Security

Blizzard offers additional tools to protect yourself, including:

The Authenticator is available in the free Mobile App. Stay connected with your friends, and manage and protect your account with a single app available from the and on .

With the Authenticator and Phone Notifications enabled, you'll receive the feisty fiery Core Hound Pup, an account-wide pet*. After attaching a Authenticator, the Core Hound Pup will automatically be added to your in-game Collection. You'll also gain four extra bag slots*—account-wide—in each character's main backpack.

Learn more about what you can do to help safeguard your account by reviewing our .

We're Here to Help

If you've lost access to your account, don't panic! Our support team is to help you regain control. They will work with you to retrieve your account and ensure your World of Warcraft characters can return to the battle!

*Core Hound Pup and extra bag slots not available in World of Warcraft Classic games.

Mar 15 2024

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