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Wotlk Classic Gold: Dawn of the Infinite Community Day Event

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To mark the release of the brand-new Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon, we're inviting you to join your favorite content creators as you fight to preserve the future of Azeroth. Learn how to overcome the challenges of this new mega-dungeon, make new friends along the way, and get a chance to earn fabulous rewards!

What: Dawn of the Infinite Community Day
When: July 13 – July 14

Join Anniefuchsia, Darkmech, Towelliee, and other creators as they explore the new mega-dungeon throughout the day. You’ll also get a chance to play alongside them, as well as earn wondrous in-game rewards. Here’s a full list of all participating creators:

Creator Channel Region
Altenna-Area52 North America
aprikat North America
Atolanos North America
automaticjak North America
Celheals North America
Cherry North America
Chrystas North America
darkladycosplay North America
Dcarter North America
emeelzia North America
Eiya North America
Fandy North America
GossipCurl North America
Hellslight84 North America
heyyyhali North America
Jaythebard North America
Jedith North America
Kait North America
Krista North America
Lawrencium North America
Minisoda and North America
Misstrashes North America
Nerftank North America
Onezy North America
Queen Ishura North America
SamTalkz North America
SimplyTwo North America
Sionz North America
soulsobreezy North America
LambbChops North America
Teknifye North America
theperkypugs North America
Thijihiguri North America
Towelliee North America
Tru Villain Manny North America
WowGrandma78 North America
Xyronic North America
Darkmech Oceanic
LHP64D Oceanic
Fiamma Oceanic
Laydee_lozza Oceanic
Merciful Oceanic
NickBeckwith Oceanic
Pandatv Oceanic
Twikwon Oceanic
afychan Europe
Aïdo Europe
Anniefuchsia Europe
Atmorte Europe
Atremis Europe
Aynat Europe
Bearmaster66 Europe
BigBadHater Europe
ChevelleTV Europe
Ciaciux Europe
Cleyara - Zul'jin Europe
Cruelladk Europe
Ease Europe
Etryh Europe
Evonker-Sanguino Europe
Geezax Europe
Grant (MethodGrant) Europe
H3ndall Europe
Hols / Murkydan - AlterTime Europe
Imahotie Europe
IrinaSolodyuk Europe
Iryanne Europe
JustRuss Europe
Kateschio Europe
Kaytlien Europe
killakris Europe
Kusa Europe
Longtusk Europe
Mika Europe
mimich Europe
Moudo Europe
MrGM Europe
Nelthorn Europe
Norehh Europe
Okaymage Europe
Phobyac Europe
Phoebina Europe
pinkscreen Europe
TheHuntred Europe
Tigry86 Europe
Vanderly03 Europe
VSpeed Europe
WochiTV Europe
YamiQuinn Europe
Yunatahel#2952 Europe
Zanzarful Europe
Zornkoenigin Europe
크랜님 Korea
귀마개 Korea
하푸딩 Korea
밈줌 Korea
연두했어요 Korea
태상이 Korea
_김가을_ Korea
안나로지 Korea
채수아 Korea
갓단미 Korea
김몽땅 Korea
화랑이 Korea
꽁스행님 Korea
노래하는러쉬 Korea
하요하나 Korea
무굴 Korea
김나는 Korea
꿀지님 Korea
초코볼 Korea
튀동이 Korea
모바일인증기 Korea
뜌미 Korea
은릴 Korea
슈가쥴리 Korea
백범로 Korea
템무라 Korea
LaoBu Taiwan

Rally your guild, call your friends, join your community. The future of Azeroth is in your hands.

Jul 10 2023

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