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Reaching the True Max Level in RuneScape 3 Completionist Cape 3

mwithz: I see all the new music edits, the 9 quest edit with that track was the best though. Also loved that ending soft music in the background when you were speaking. Can't wait to see more!
gnomepowers: Have fun with the grind bro, I was so happy when I comped, but I also burned myself out so make sure you take some small breaks.
Also just to add in a tip, if you can fit it in, make sure you do the fish flingers d and d, if you ever wanna trim after you comp get this one started man it sucks major ass.
Also on the traveling merch buy the unstable air runes, and barb assault horns it will save so much time for future grinds.
Love the series man keep it going.
Sthasn: Time to finally move on the leaderboards with the 110s
HaatenRs: Nice video, do more about this series!!!
itsyaboidragon: I like this series more than your other types of videos. Keep um coming!
SympleSyn: Mila Azul 69. That was hands down my FAVORITE Gielinor Games moment of all time.
keetahsanlee6629: Buy vis wax. Extend those challenges. You'll get more xp. Save aday or two just from that(we can always make the gp back)

Great video.. exceed my expectations. . You're making huge progress keep it upppppp
coltonalleman9861: Excellent video! Making me really wanna grind out my last 9 skills for max cape. Just trying to find that urge and drive to do it.
Kj234rs: Huge gains gzzz
Phosbyte: Great video!

Jun 05 2024

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