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Ironman Is The BEST Way To Play Runescape! RS3 HCIM 1

vincentb9734: Happy you are back Kritya! Good luck!
m3lancholica: I just finished your Building a Main series. I subscribed. Love your editing style. Also, I honestly enjoy fresh RS3 acc content. Keep it up. So glad that you started new series
mikerocksgames6370: group ironman is coming i hear. Cant wait
DAFAWK: First thing i like to do on a new ironman is to unlock Anachronia, get that started as fast as possible, early game to help you later on. (said at the beginning of video)

UPDATE: Good glad you ended up following my words without even following them lol we think alike i suppose.
MeanBeanComedy: I love RS3 theorycrafting.
All the YouTube series are OSRS!!
tylerbergen1175: Wooo finally. Been waiting for you to come back to rs3!
jimthy94: im so hyped that you are back to rs3! :D :D
thebonfireofgains: The king is backkk
PhantomForteGS: He’s baaaaaaaack!
BromytheusDragonovic: Do you have an extra skill after necromancy under invention?
MuslimxProud3000: Will you play GIM?

May 25 2024

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