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How I FARM CORES at Arch Glacor RS3 200ks Guide

sonnyjrlivehc7283: You said the word frozen core and that's the closest i've come to one in 3600 kills so I subscribed
RockBandRS: It's probably worth mentioning that bik poison build is another viable way to style camp a 200 killstreak at AG.
christiand7353: I never considered that darkness was the reason why my resonance wouldn’t work sometimes
ryana5861: I've been telling people this for years. Seeing those posts on reddit like "wahh i'm at 3,000 kc with no frozen core this boss is terrible!!" Meanwhile they have a max enrage of 500 lol. I'm at about 4,000kc with 12 cores.
IOSARBX: CarguyRS, I really enjoyed watching this, so I hit the like button!
jlayman89: Ive tried to discuss that given a period of time youre better hunting cores in a streak rather than claims. This is true of any skill level. Pick any enrage and streaking to that enrage has a better core chance than claims at that enrage. This is true up to to drop cap if there even is one at AG like Telos. 2449 claims are better than streaks there because of the cap and Telos HP doesnt scale all the eay up.

You wouldn't believe the pushback i get on this depite giving them the damned numbers ahowing its correct. Or maybe you would believe it. Especially on reddit. Someone asks how to get a core, i tell them to streak as far as they can, then get flamed because "claims are better" or whatever.

The calc you use will confirm this. Find the time it takes to do a streak to say 500%. Then do as many 500s as you can in the same time and use the other half of the calc to see the core chance on those claims. The streak will yield more cores for the same amount of time. This is true of any enrage.

Unless you die every other kill or something, just streak until you die or get a drop and reset. That Mantra will get you the most cores.
deathtonarwhals7001: i got a core about 40kc in, didn't know what it was, streaked and lost it :(
denerlkonig277: Thank you for in depth guide.
ZzXExJXzZ: Great video!

Was wondering if you have any opinion on iban staff spec vs. ABS?

Been trying to wrap my head around iban speccing, but non-stop abs with the fsoa just seems better?

Would love your thoughts on the subject :)
Odinsfall: I'm debating methods to grind pure GP on my iron (might want a black phat some day or something) and I'm thinking it's a toss up between 200 KS AG or spamming 500% Zamorak. Would you say either of these are a clear winner? Or maybe even a different boss altogether I overlooked? Would appreciate your views since you've spent a lot of hours at both.

May 25 2024

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